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          Established in 1995, Charity Focus grew with the dreams of children in mind, especially those with life-threatening and debilitating physical illnesses. The idea was birthed by the love of a police officer from Ontario for his son who had passed away early in his life due to muscular dystrophy.
          The early days were powered with the spirit of volunteerism, charity, and commitment to fulfill the dreams of these children through events, tours, and community activities.
          Charity Focus has earned a national reach in 2000 with its Dream Programs. The team expanded and eight local chapters were founded.
          Charity …

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          Volunteer with Us

          The most vital aspect of our growth and success is the unwavering...

          Become a Corporate Partner

          We at Charity Focus are well aware that we cannot push through with the Dream Program on our own, and here’s another way you can offer your support. The foundation had worked closely with our partners by aligning our vision and mission with their strategic objectives in order to foster an equally beneficial relationship over the years. One of the factors as to how our Dream Programs has continual success is because of customized corporate sponsorship. Here are the main reasons you should be a Charity Focus corporate partner: Increase your social media presence through engagement Expose your brand to a ...

          Giving Programs

          The continual growth and successes of Charity Focus are not only attributed to the Foundation heads and the volunteers but also the donors. Support can be given in a number of ways, and offering your monetary assistance can greatly help the cause. You can join us in fulfilling the dreams for the 50,000 dreamers who could benefit from your donation. Here are some of the ways you can send your donations: One-Time Donation Donate to a Dream Program online using Paypal? or credit cards. Monthly Donation Support in the form of monthly commitments had kept Charity Focus afloat all throughout its years of ...

          Dream Program

          No illness or disability is strong enough to defeat a Dreamer’s spirit, and it’s the job of the Dream Team to make sure to bring the best Dreamer out of every child that is part of the Dream Program. The Dream Program is the main drive of Charity Focus, and it is how they turn the children’s dreams into a reality. These are special happy experiences that the Dreamers can take with them for the rest of their lives. These are arranged by the Dream Team, patterned from the children that dreamed them, and are ultimately designed to give the Dreamers a sense of self-reliance, self-confidence, and renewed hopefulness which ...

          Plan an Event

          Your ideas just might be our saving grace!
          One of the activities that further improves Charity Focus’ relationship with the community is the fundraising event. These are events planned and hosted by self-assembled teams or even individuals who want to contribute to the Dream Program and take part in making dreams come true but also want their own touch to the equation.
          Here are a few ideas from previous events:

          Sports or board game tournaments
          Bake sales
          Live painting or art shows
          Gala dinners
          Carnival days

          Our Blog

          T-Shirts to Promote Advocacy read more

          How to Use Custom T-Shirts to Promote Advocacy?

          Custom T-Shirts are a fun way to express one’s belief, opinions, genealogy, and even your own favorite quotes. The expressiveness of custom T-shirt designs gives everyone a chance to wear their hearts on their sleeves – like literally doing it. Many have also taken advantage of custom shirt designs to promote a lot of things – products, services, and even their advocacies.
          The society, nowadays, is promoting a lot of advocacies ranging from mental health, HIV, gender equality, …

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          Charity Focus Joins the 15th Annual Rival Office Golf Event

          The 15th Annual Rival Office Solutions Golf Classic will be held at the Forest City National Golf Club this summer on the 12th of August, 2019.
          This tournament was brought to fruition by the mutual initiative to change lives for the better and consists of live and silent auctions, sponsored holes, and a 50/50 draw. We’re joining in the fun this year, and we’re hoping to find both familiar and new friendly faces at the event.
          We’re looking forward to seeing you there!…

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          Stronger Than Anxiety

          When anxiety affects a child with a disability, we need the child to know he/she is bigger than what he/she feels. Kathy Roberts, a social worker who has extensive knowledge on anxiety issues, believes that anxiety can best be eased through a strong bond between the children and their families. CBD oil is often used to help with anxiety and is a powerful tool to combating the emotions. Many users talk about these beneficial elements of the oil.
          Kathy works at the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic and pediatric emergency ward at the London Health …

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          A Swing Made of Dreams

          Lucas is ten years old and is very active. He won’t miss the chance to ride a bike, play baseball, or basically, try everything. When he had a traumatic injury that affected his spinal cord and put him in a wheelchair, he did not let that stop him from challenging himself and inspiring others. Making adjustments to the home made it easier for every day tasks. Remeasuring and removing carpet was the first step to accessibility.
          He also liked being with his friends, but his disability made it difficult for him …

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          Paying it Forward with Nathan

          Here we have Charity Focus’ dreamer turned advocate, our very own Nathan Manners, who came up with a fundraising campaign to help the foundation that made his dream into a reality.
          Nathan has cerebral palsy, but he has always wanted to go around biking in his neighbourhood. In his case, he needs an adaptive tandem bicycle which also happens to be way too expensive for his family’s current financial situation. This fact had Nathan check his resources and prompted him to reach out to Charity Focus. In turn, we did our best to make his dream come true.
          This experience did not only bring Nathan happiness, but it also gave him…

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          You Can Do Anything!

          Amy had just turned ten, and she is more determined than ever, even when she had just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Her muscles will progressively weaken as time goes on, but her dreams keep her strong and focused.
          She truly believes she can still do anything she put her mind into, and she’s been meaning to do something really amazing – swim with dolphins!
          Meeting and being close to her favourite animal was at the top of her dream list. However, animal parks weren’t designed to be wheelchair accessible, so the staff was not comfortable with her plans. This rejection saddened her, but this made her explore her …

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